Azlan Shah Cup 2015

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This is the 24 edition of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup. It is being held in poh, Malaysia from 5th to 12th April 2015. This year, only 6 teams are taking part.

Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, India and Canada

The 2015 edition of the Azlan Shah Cup will take place in Ipoh, Malaysia from 5th to 12th April. This is a shortened version of the tournament as there are only 6 teams represented this year. The teams taking part are Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Canada and India. Notable ezceptions are Pakistan who are regular participants and South Africa who withdrew recently.

This tournament will provide a good testing ground for Malaysia in preparation for the World Hockey League Round 3 (semi-finals) to be held in Belgium this June. the World Hockey League is a qualifying tournament for the Olympics to be held in Rio De Janeiro in 2016.

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