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1 v 2 Australia 8 beat Malaysia 3

3 v 4 Korea 3 beat China 2

5 v 6 Canada beat South Africa

The games started in the heat of the afternoon with South Africa against Canada. South Africa is qualified for the World Cup this year and should have been the better team than Canada. The Canadians were however fighting to avaoid last place and would not go down easily. Korea easily disposed of South Africa last night but could not score enough goals to make the finals tonight.

World number 1 Australia was once again set to play Malaysia inthe finals in a re run of last years competition. In that edition of the Azlan Shah Cup, the score was 2-1 in favour of the Aussies. It was not however until the final 6 seconds of the game that thaey added the second goal and lifted the title. Australia took the title for the 8th time. Malaysia scored 3 goals which was quite an achievement as the are the only team to score more than 1 goal against the might of the Aussies.

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